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關於DR4018 配上KATO Turnout setting

有不少購買了DR4018的朋友是希望接駁在日本軌(Tomix/ Kato)上;經本店向Digikeijs 查詢後,如大家是配上KATO Turnout,請客人在CV設定上作出以下調整:

“For the Kato/Tomix 2-wire coil turnout the adapter DR4101 is needed in combination with the DR4018 in Preset 0 (default factory) setting.

See also the enclosed wiring diagram.

For these type of turnouts it is recommended to reduce the DR4018 pulse time (CV238-CV253) via the value “32” to 200 msec.

Default DR4018 setting is a puls time of 800 msec (value 128), which is normally too long for coils without built-in end-termination.”

簡單而這,若使用配件DR4101駁上KATO(Port 1…Port 8) turnout,請在DR4018 CV作出以下改變:

Port 1: CV238 = “32”

Port 2: CV239 = “32”


Port 8: CV253 = “32”

以上調整主要減少DR4018的Pulse time,以減少轉軌時不必要的電流和產生的熱力。

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