Steam locomotive series 065 of the Deutsche Bundesbahn.


FOR THE FIRST TIME with 16-BIT SOUND for a perfect sound experience
■ For the first time with onboard decoder and switchable sound functions
■ Movable Heusinger control
■ Die-cast metal chassis

The class 65 belonged to the new construction program of the Deutsche Bundesbahn and was first delivered in 1951. The characteristic appearance gives the machine an appearance that is as powerful as it is elegant. Your preferred area of work was as a passenger tank locomotive for suburban and city rail traffic in the Ruhr area as well as on the Odenwaldbahn and the Überwaldbahn. Some machines later received push-pull control. The 18 locomotives reached a top speed of 85 km/h with an output of 1,089 kW. In 1972 the last machine drove onto the siding.


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