The Minitrix 16026 is a Class 120.2 Electric Locomotive model that brings the thrill of the railways right to your home. This model is a replica of the German Railroad, Inc. (DB AG) fast general-purpose locomotive, road number 120 202-7, with the “Commuter Service Package”. The paint scheme is as of 2019 and it has a B-B wheel arrangement12.

This model is equipped with a built-in digital decoder and a sound generator for operation with mfx and DCC. The locomotive motor has a flywheel, and 4 axles are powered. Traction tires are used to ensure smooth operation. LEDs are used for the headlights and marker lights, and they change over with the direction of travel12.

The Minitrix 16026 is not just a model train, it’s a piece of history, a reflection of the German Railroad, and a testament to the marvel of electric locomotives.


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